our services

Client representation

As client representative we become the single point of contact between clients and the project team. This creates a simplified flow of information, reporting and decision-making. We act in the client’s interest based on a detailed understanding of their plans and preferences.

On behalf of clients we manage the entire briefing, design, construction and commissioning processes. We can assist in determining and managing their requirements, advise on any major issues as they arise and ensure that any actions required are adequately completed. 

Project feasibilities

We offer strategic, educated advice to clients during their investigative period. This helps them to explore project options and assist them in finding solutions that achieve their project goals. This process analyses the cost vs. value of each option, assesses risk and includes programming and SWOT analyses.

Needs analysis/client brief

Using our experience and expertise, we help create a strategic brief and measurable project outcomes based on the client’s needs. This is how we create a detailed, well-considered plan for completing the project within the agreed timeframes and budgets, with attention to quality, safety, relationships, sustainability, productivity and profitability.

Project planning & programming

Our project planning and programming service creates precise and independent information to assist our clients and the project team. Our programming services include:


·       Cash flow forecasting

·       Commissioning and Occupation Programming

·       Decant and Enabling Programming

·       Design, Consent and Procurement Programming

·       Extension of Time Analysis

·       Master Project Programming

·       Programme Monitoring and Reporting

·       Tender and Construction Programming

Cost control

Working with the quantity surveyor and financial team, we can effectively manage budgets throughout the project cycle to ensure the client is aware of committed costs at any time, the forecast cost at completion and any risks to the budget.
We can improve the cost-control process with cost variation management systems and foreseeing construction detailing risks. The team can also advise on ‘buildability’ and suggest cost-competitive alternative solutions.

Assembling the project team

We can assist clients in selecting and managing a successful project team and structure. Critical to the success of any project, this service also identifies project resource and time requirements. Clients may also draw on our experience in assembling internal and external project teams, including members of the steering committee, project control group, user groups, consultants, contractors and external stakeholders. 

Project communication

We can develop a communication plan for internal and external stakeholders and external agencies. We can assist the client to communicate within their organisation on a regular basis and as milestone goals are achieved.

Construction procurement options

There are a number of different models for allocating and managing the key construction risks of time, cost and quality between clients and contractors. PJM can recommend the most appropriate model for a particular project, depending on the project’s financial structure and the scope and nature of project risks. 

Business cases

We are experienced in writing business cases for corporate clients, funders and government departments and can assist with presentations to support senior management or board approvals for capex projects. 

Project reporting

We can independently represent, monitor and report on all aspects of a project, including program, costs, quality control, design, health & safety and risks.

Design management

Using practical construction experience, we can add significant value to the design process by foreseeing project and construction-detailing risks, providing advice on ‘buildability’ and suggesting cost-competitive design alternatives. Our team approaches this process with respect for the specialist skills and creativity of other consultants and works collaboratively to ensure the client’s objectives are achieved.

Contract administration

We can undertake the role of engineer to contract or client representative and administer projects using NZS: 3910 or NZS: 3915 contracts. We have established project management systems to control the contract administration. 

FF&E procurement and installation

We can manage the total FF&E design, procurement and installation process. Our knowledge of local suppliers gives us an understanding of corporate, education and hospitality operations and experience in coordinating integrated fit out projects.

Environmentally sustainable design

A sustainable design and construction delivery solution is a key project objective for many clients. Concern for the environment, promoting a broader sustainability agenda and following good practice are integral to the way we deliver projects.